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Dear Reader...
Summer is nearing its end as the days shorten and the nights are distinctly cooler. Fields are being prepped for harvest and trees are starting to show signs of my favorite time of year – Fall. I’ve often pondered as to why autumn is my favorite – and I’ve come to the conclusion that the main reason is my awareness that winter is looming and each day till then is a gift to be thankful for.
On particularly clear blue-sky fall days in September I can still hear my mom telling me “It was a beautiful clear day just like this that our lives changed forever…” and then she would launch into her story of the day their family learned that they would have to flee their farm because of the war.
Mom wasn’t hesitant to share her stories of how the war impacted her life and her family and I am grateful that she did, because it has given me a sense of appreciation for my life that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush and obligations of life and forget that each day of health and freedom (and life) is a gift! A death, pronouncement of illness, accident or other crisis can change our lives forever and these things happen quite often when we least expect them. I’m not trying to be morbid, but life rushes by whether we take the time to enjoy it or not.
As September begins and we start to see signs of colder, harsher days ahead – be grateful for what there is in your life to appreciate and make time to enjoy it. If you don’t have time to enjoy life, you’ll wish you would have, so make that time!
As mom’s words echo in my head on these crisp blue days of September, I look out my window at the golden fields and the little acreage I call my own and think “How lucky am I to have been born in a country that allows me this way of life and freedom!”
“How fortunate that although I have a few aches and pains, I can still go outside and do all the yardwork and projects that I love to do!”
“How lucky, that although I no longer have mom with me, we spent quality time together and I have lots of great memories of her wisdom and strength.”
There is no guarantee that our lives will continue as they are – one thing we can be sure of is that our days will rush by whether we take time to appreciate them or not (and they DO go by faster the older you get!!) and there isn’t anything more important than making sure you enjoy the time you have!
This season take time to be thankful – and let those who you care about know – because time will march on and winter is coming - ready or not!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Meet our Cover Artist: Katherain Lee
Katherain (McIntosh) Lee grew up in Alberta and has been fascinated with stitching since she was 6 years old. She and her husband Kevin, have owned The Frame Corner in Edmonton (formerly in St. Albert as well) for over 30 years. They have one son, Ira and two almost grown-up granddaughters.
The Frame Corner is a much beloved meeting place for stitchers and is a haven for finding stitching stashes of all kinds, custom framing, unique giftware and jewelry!
Katherain hosts the now famous “Camp Wanna Stitch” at Deer Valley Meadow Ranch near Alix, Alberta twice a year. Filled to near capacity each time, the ladies have a blast at Katherain’s camp! The participants are pampered, well fed with home-cooked meals, enjoy a little shopping at the mini ‘Frame Corner’ store, catching up with fellow stitchers, and playing games of all kinds.
Katherain began designing cross stitch patterns about five or six years ago when stitchers asked her to make cross stitching patterns out of their favorite photos. Designing her own patterns has come very easy to Katherain. Everyone who knows her also knows that she rarely, if ever follows a cross stitching pattern exactly. She has always been driven to create her own pictures by making a few changes to the pattern here and there and ‘fixing’ it up.
If you are interested in purchasing or distributing Katherain Lee’s Needlework Designs, contact or visit The Frame Corner located at 17012 – 90 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta (north of West Edmonton Mall)

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