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Dear Reader...
What is one summer activity that you can participate in regardless of weather? Road trips! The trip doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly, it can be a day trip or weeks of touring, and since you’ll be spending a lot of time in a vehicle or in various shops the weather is not much of an issue (that is, as long as it doesn’t snow!) Throughout this issue there are references to road trips because it is a popular pastime for many of us. Advertisers are gearing up for visitors that may not have discovered their business or town yet, and readers are sharing stories of various adventures they’ve had on the road.
To get you thinking in that direction, I’d like to share a bit about my adventures when I did the ultimate road trip in April - 5000 km in 6 days! Delivering the May/June issue not only saved on distribution costs - it gave me a chance to visit many advertisers I hadn’t been to before, not to mention discovering unique towns all over Alberta in places I’d only placed on the directory map.
Here are a few highlights of my delivery road trip...
I decided that the Drumheller Dairy Queen has the largest and best tasting soft ice cream cones. Not that I’ve tried out every Dairy Queen in Alberta, but in my estimation, that medium cone was the best - although it didn’t hurt that I was ravenous!
I discovered that shortcuts you’ve never taken are best done in the light of day. In attempting a quicker way to get from Hanna to Hussar, I ended up on a bit of an adventurous dirt road, which was supposedly a highway and did eventually join up with the highway I wanted, but in the dark with my GPS showing that my vehicle was in the middle of a roadless void, I began to wonder where on earth I actually was! Needless to say, it didn’t save me any time at all.
I was delighted to learn that Fort Saskatchewan’s claim to fame (at least in my estimation) is the fact that they use sheep to graze the downtown grassy areas. Makes for a lot of great sheepy souvenirs in the local shops, and it’s very environmentally correct. After all, they mow, mulch AND fertilize! Oh, how I would love to start that in this area, since I know a few enthusiastic candidates!
Lastly, I found out that Fawcett has the most diligent Neighbourhood Watch I’ve yet to experience, so take it from me - don’t be cruising around the town in an unmarked white cargo van looking for a place to park and sleep... Suffice it to say that even the church parking lot is very well monitored!
I came home after a week of touring exhuasted but thoroughly enthusiastic. I visited some amazing stores - actually they all were fantastic - made a few unforgetable memories, and even brought home a few ‘souvenirs’ in the form of a ‘few’ fat quarters and new decor for my yard and home.
So regardless of what kind of weather this summer brings us, make plans to do a road trip or two - then share your story with us because it will give you $25 towards your next trip!

Happy Touring!
Meet our Cover Artist: Kathy Meaney
Kathy (Pasemco) Meaney grew up in Redwater, AB on a family grain farm.  Because of her passion of creating, landed a job in Computer Graphics in the late 1970’s and eventually married in the 1980s.  She and her husband ran a family business.  After the birth of her third son, and the purchase of a lakefront cabin in Alberta, it was then she was allowed to quit her job to find her own mark on the world and begin the Ladies of the Lake series.
Looking back nine years ago, I never would have imagined the extent my “Ladies of the Lake” and I would have travelled, the incredible people I have met or the business it created. It is a humbling journey.
My soul is nourished at our cabin and it is there where my soul is quieted. My fondness of memories with my family and friends is what I began painting “just for fun” and my ladies were created in 2005. I drew on body language to portray the activities in my paintings allowing the viewer to identify with each character in the painting. Capturing a moment in time, with a bit of whimsy is my mission. My bond with my sister, our sense of hilarity, serves as a background and inspiration to my paintings. Often, just through a course of conversation, an idea may be sparked to create a new painting (often with lots of laughter), however, ideas may also come by observing people’s interactions or just by listening to conversations seen or unseen.
There is always a lady wearing red and if you asked me why, I could not answer that question as it was unintentional, but saw that it could carry throughout my work.  My ladies are voluptuous and with that, I am often thanked for painting “real” women, who enjoy the companionship of celebrating their sisterhood and womanhood. Over the years, I also discovered as my ladies evolved that I was making a statement and: “be happy with who you are, the shape you are and enjoy your womanhood and friendships.” The ladies have evolved over the course of time and my paintings have as well.

Kathy Meaney, visual artist, “Ladies of the Lake” and “Canadi-ANNAs” series. 780.267.9996. Facebook: “Kathy Meaney Visual Artist” Kathy’s art is also available at “The Galleria” in Calgary - see ad on page 12.

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