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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all of you, wherever the new year finds you!
Here is my prayer and wish for each of you in 2015...
Good Health - The enjoyment of life is directly proportionate to the health we are blessed with. If you are not limited by health issues, you are truly blessed, and sadly we rarely appreciate our health until it is challenged or compromised.
A Grateful Heart - The ability to look around and see how blessed we are is a gift that can turn a miserable spirit into a realization that the situation you face could most like be worse than it is. There is always something to be grateful for - even if it takes a while to find it sometimes!
Good Friends - Forget Facebook! It's about quality not quantity. If you have even one person in your life that you can call on when you are as low as you can go - or if you need help moving - then you are lucky. If you have more than one, you are blessed!
Time - It's sadly true that time goes by faster the longer you live, and there is never enough of it to accomplish all we would like to. However there are things that can wait and things that need to be enjoyed. Make the time this year to create memories that will be treasured in the future!
Joy - I'm not talking about 'LOL' or smiley faces. I'm talking about that warm feeling in the core of your body that spreads (kind of like a hot flash!) until you are filled with pure, undiluted happiness and it feels great just to be alive in that moment.
Adventure - I hope that you have an adventure in your life this year... whether it be travel, relationship, a move or new career - take a chance to experience some adventure in your life!
Opportunity to try something new - could be a job, volunteer position, learning a new craft, eating something you never thought you'd try... just do it!
Family - Tighten bonds with family this year. You never know how long you'll have them. If you don't have actual genetic family, make at least one person into family... I've got a dear friend just down the road whom I've officially adopted - and I intend to be just like her when I grow up.
Peace - It can be elusive in our busy, frantic lives. We long for times to just kick back and do absolutely nothing, but then if we actually have the chance our peace is often shattered by guilt of things we should or could be doing. Take time this year to let peace wash over you - if only for a moment or two - and don't forget to breathe!
Freedom - the ability to enjoy your life this year without oppression or guilt. The opportunity to be true to yourself, your beliefs and your heart's desires.
Here's to another good year in a great province!
I'm looking forward to meeting and speaking with many of you and visiting all the wonderful advertisers in The Country Register as well as attending as many of the shows and events as I can. I am truly blessed to represent such wonderful businesses and have loyal and enthusiastic readers.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement this past year!

- Ruth
Meet our Cover Artist: Holly Burghardt
Life is complicated and each day brings new challenges. In contrast, painting gives me a special comfort; an unique pleasure that invites and invigorates.
I use knife and brush on canvas and board to blend colour with passion, texture with movement, and simplicity with intrigue. Vibrant acrylics coupled with mixed media infuse each piece with personality and dimension.My work reflects the value of the moment, the richness of nature, the power of imagery, and the joy of discovering hidden beauty. My hope is to connect with each viewer and share in the uncomplicated pleasure I receive from painting.
I reside in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta near the majestic Rocky Mountains with my husband and children.
When not painting, I may be found shuffling my three active children to the hockey rink, dance studio and places in between. I enjoy travelling, hiking and walking, spending time with family and friends, reading, and thinking about what next to paint.
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