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Dear Reader...
I am NOT stranded in the Ukraine - so please don’t sent money!
For any of you email users out there, you will probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, I was duped by an email hacker even after thinking I was savvy enough to recognize an ‘invasion attempt’.  
In most cases, requests to re-enter your password or enter any personal info are easy to recognize - obviously poor English, a lack of proper links and logos - but this one even had a secure link to the sign-in window! After scrutinizing it for all the usual signs, I did what it asked and re-entered my user name and password, thinking I had just assisted Yahoo! mail in keeping me safe and secure.  Sure I had a bit of niggling doubt, but was in a hurry to receive the last-minute ads I was expecting, and didn’t want to be held up by any delays.
I realized I was in trouble the next morning when someone emailed my personal email with a copy of my “plea for financial help” that was being circulated to all my contacts! As the scam goes, I was on a holiday in the Ukraine, got mugged and robbed - and needed financial assistance to come home. To their credit, many of my “Country Register family” of contacts were concerned and called to make sure I wasn’t really in need of help. Shows what great service these advertisers of mine offer, doesn’t it!?
Anyhow, after hours of pouring over ‘help’ files and digging deep into the email settings, resetting passwords and altered contact info, re-inforcing security and reporting the fraud to the proper authorities, I can happily report that I am ‘hacker free’... at least for now. As we all know - as fast as we educate ourselves and make sure everything is secure, there is some criminal waiting to ‘break in’ and help themselves to whatever they can get away with. Shame on them for using their ‘talents’ for such negative behaviour!
So - lesson learned and hopefully no harm done - except in lost time of course.
As soon as this issue is wrapped up I am off to Hawaii (really!) with my close friend Joni; to escape this endless Albertan winter and to help ease her pains of a looming monumental birthday.
There is no need to worry - I highly doubt my trip will be disastrous and if we do get stranded, I can’t think of a better place to end up, so there will be no need to rescue me.

Mahalo and Aloha ‘til May!
Meet our Cover Artist: Karen Himsl King
Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Karen King now lives in Calgary. She traveled extensively throughout her professional career, living and working throughout Canada and in Africa, where she lived for extended periods of time in several countries. These experiences, together with a career that involved research, have turned her into an observer, interested in places and landscapes, and cultural development.

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