The Alberta Country Register is an Alberta-wide, bi-monthly publication, which provides readers with unique, local shopping opportunities. Advertisers include creative-based businesses like quilt, fabric, yarn and craft stores, as well as home decor, vintage and antique shops, tea and coffee houses, bed and breakfasts and related community events.

Encouraging Albertans to shop local is the primary goal of the Alberta Country Register. 

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Distribution: Six issues per year
Paper Copies: 10,000 per issue
Digital Copies: Over 1,000 unique views per issue

The Alberta Country Register is disbributed to small, local Alberta businesses, libraries, travel centres and other locations around the province.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact:

Marcy Horswill, Owner/Publisher
countryregab@yahoo.com • 587-585-3545

2021 Deadlines

November/December Issue • Distribution October 27
Booking October 8 • Artwork October 13

2022 Deadlines

January/February • Distribution January 3
Booking December 3, 2021 • Artwork December 8, 2021

March/April • Distribution March 1
Booking February 11  • Artwork February 16

May/June • Distribution May 2
Booking April 8 • Artwork April 13

July/August • Distribution July 1
Booking June 10 • Artwork June 15