Looking for Distributors!

The Alberta Country Register is a FREE, Alberta-wide, bi-monthly publication, which provides readers with unique, local shopping opportunities. Advertisers include creative-based businesses like quilt, fabric, yarn and craft stores, as well as home décor, vintage and antique shops, tea and coffee houses, bed and breakfasts and related community events.
Who Reads the Alberta Country Register
Most makers in Alberta are familiar with the paper and will be eager to take one home. In addition, the paper is often used as a travel guide or directory for people traveling around the province who like to explore and support local small business in Alberta.
What’s the Catch?
There is no catch to becoming a distributor, and no cost either… being a distributor is FREE!
Papers are mailed directly to your business mailing address. You simply need a small location in your shop to share the papers with the public. A new distributor will start with 25 papers. More can be added as reader demand increases.
Interested in becoming a distributor?
Contact Please email countryregab@yahoo.com or 587-585-3545 for details.
Distribution can be cancelled any time.